World History I – Lap Book Kit


Consumable. An optional hands-on activity to help reinforce and document your students? World History studies.

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Kit Includes All Printed Materials!
The World History I – Lap Book Kit is a hands-on activity to help reinforce and document your students? World History studies. Each of the 30 projects is scheduled as an optional activity in BookShark’s Reading with History G Package and the Level G All-Subject Package. With the help of the included instruction booklet, you can effectively use the Lap Book Kit as a hands-on supplement for any World History program.
The artwork and templates were drawn by the talented Amy Pak, who also drew the Timeline Figures in BookShark’s programs.?
The kit includes instructions and materials for 30 projects, covering ancient Egypt through the 16th century. The interactive papercrafts incorporate creative writing, illustration, and research, resulting in a finished product your student will be proud of.

Supplies We Provide:
You Provide:

Printed Materials for All Projects
Colored Pencils

Lap Book Instruction Booklet
Finely ground black pepper

Lap Book Base (File Folder)
Needle or pushpin

Red Ribbon
Clear Tape


Liquid Glue
Stapler and staples

2 Glue Sticks

White Glitter

1 Roll of Double-Sided Sticky Tape

Corrugated Cardboard

1 Toothpick

2 Paper Fasteners

Projects Include:
1. The Unification of Egypt
2. Egyptian Mummies
3. The Battle of Qadesh
4. Chinese Proverbs
5. The Pyramids
6. Stories of Greek Immortals
7. The Trojan Horse
8. Athens & Sparta
9. The Greco-Persian Wars
10. The Peloponnesian War
11. Romulus & Remus
12. The Punic Wars
13. The Great Wall of China
14. SPQR
15. Augustus and the Pax Romana
16. The Founding of Constantinople
17. Roman Architecture
18. The Structure of the Classes in Medieval Europe
19. Justinian’s Code
20. The Rise of Islam
21. Japan
22. People Who Made an Impact in World History
23. The Bayeux Tapestry
24. From Page to Knight
25. The Magna Carta
26. The Black Death …and Other Nasty Diseases
27. Gutenberg’s Printing Press
28. Ship’s Log
29. If Henry VIII Had a Wallet…
30. Leonardo da Vinci

Consumable. Purchase one kit for each student completing a lap book.


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