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Your child is beginning to experience the printed page and needs your help to develop concepts of how spelling works and how letters are formed and put together to make words. Listen and Write is a fun and natural way to ease your child into the world of English spelling. In this level your child will learn correct pencil grip, correct letter formation, consonants, and short vowels. Listen and Write will provide your child with the foundation they need to become confident, competent spellers.

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Includes everything you need to move your preliterate student to the phonetic stage of spelling with 36 lessons of Listen and Write: Instructor’s Handbook with introduction to the philosophy of Spelling You See and a Getting Started guide, and the Student Pack with the Student Workbook, Listen and Write Sticker Pack and Guide to Handwriting.
Listen and Write is designed for your young students as they move from the Preliterate Stage into the Phonetic Stage of spelling.
Listen and Write:

Focuses on lowercase letter formation, consonants, and short vowels
Moves the student from three-letter words to four-letter and eventually to five-letter words
Includes the focus of each day?s worksheet at the top for easy reference
Contains 36 lessons divided into five parts (A through E). Each part is a day?s lesson and should take no more than ten minutes a day
Features letter boxes to help your child learn sound-to-letter correspondence, a skill needed for reading success
Teaches correct pencil grip and letter formation
Emphasizes the consistent, automatic formation of lowercase letters

While Listen and Write is not a handwriting course, efficient handwriting techniques allow students? brains to handle these tasks effortlessly and concentrate on more important things, such as sound-to-letter correspondence. This level comes with a handwriting guide for your student.
Another fun feature of Listen and Write are the stickers that are included. Your student can find a sticker to match a word from the day?s lesson, or simply choose one as a reward for a job well done. The sticker page includes suggestions on how to use them with the lesson.
Is Your Child Ready for Level A — Listen and Write? See the General Spelling Readiness Guidelines for more information on placing your student in the correct level.


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