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In Ancient Achievements, students will read about fascinating topics from long ago, such as cave paintings, Viking ships, and Marco Polo. This is the last level in the Skill Development Stage of spelling. It provides continued word practice using the three core activities of chunking, copywork, and dictation while gradually increasing the reading level. At the same time, a new Spotlight feature introduces students to interesting facts about words. The Instructor’s Handbook offers optional activities to help prepare students for the next two stages of spelling.

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Includes everything you need: Instructor’s Handbook with an?introduction to the philosophy of Spelling You See, a Getting Started guide, and the Student Pack, which includes two Student Workbooks and a pack of erasable colored pencils.
Ancient Achievements is designed as a bridge from the Skill Development Stage?to the Word Extension Stage of spelling.
Ancient Achievements:

Features nonfiction stories about long ago, covering themes such as cave paintings, Viking ships, and?Marco Polo
Involves the three core activities for Spelling You See:

chunking ? provides hands-on experience with the many irregular letter patterns in English
copywork ? requires the brain to pay attention to details in print
dictation ? gives an opportunity for student to demonstrate decoding and encoding in a meaningful context

Gradually increases in reading level, providing opportunities for vocabulary development and allowing students to learn how to spell words in an interesting context
Includes 36 weekly lessons divided between two books; each lesson has five parts, A through E
Includes a new Spotlight activity designed to introduce students to interesting facts about words, call attention to how endings are added to words, and show how learning word relationsips can help with spelling

Is Your Child Ready for Level?F — Ancient Achievements?? See the General Spelling Readiness Guidelines for more information on placing your student in the correct level.


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