Science I Instuctor’s Guide | Ages 13-15


Physics, Electromagnetism and Waves

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Physics, Electromagnetism and Waves
Includes the a 36-Week, 4-Day schedule with discussion question for the Joy Hakim series The Story of Science, Weekly Lab and Activity Sheets, Parent Tips and Answer Key.
Student should understand basic algebra to complete some lab work in this program.
This Science Lab Book will:

Eliminate the frustration and untold hours you could spend to plan, research, develop and sustain your own curriculum. We’ve done all of the heavy lifting for you.
Save you from ever having to create another lesson plan. Never again stay up late or rise early, wondering what you?re going to teach next ? all lesson plans are included.
Keep your students right on schedule, so you know exactly where you should be. No more anxiety about pushing too hard or pacing the year too slowly ? the IG shows you what to cover, every week.
Serve as a roadmap that shows you where you?re going and exactly how to get there, yet offer the flexibility to accommodate diverse learning styles.

Includes one set of consumable Lab Activity Sheets


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