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All the manipulatives for the Second Edition are right here. This kit includes the manipulatives needed for every level. Get the RS2 Math Set with your Second Edition Book Bundle, then all you need for the following years are the next Book Bundle because you already have all the manipulatives. You are ready to learn math the RightStart? way!

Included in the RS2 Math Set are:

AL Abacus Standard
Math Card Games book
Place Value Cards
Base 10 Picture Cards
Abacus Tiles
Cards for Math Games
Fraction Charts
Drawing Board Set
Geometric Solids
Plastic Coins
Geometry Panels
Colored Tiles
Geometry Reflector
Casio Calculator 450
Geared Clock
Math Balance
Centimeter Cubes
4-in-1 Ruler
Folding Meter Stick
Tally Sticks
Yellow Is The Sun CD


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