Math-U-See Algebra 1 Level Up Set


This Level Up Set is for those who already have the required Integer Block Kit?but still need the Algebra/Decimal Inserts.

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Before starting Algebra 1 your student should have a thorough grasp of the four basic operations (+, -, x, ??), along with a mastery of fractions, decimals, and percents and Pre-Algebra.
Major Concepts and Skills Include:

Commutative &?Associative Properties
Order of Operations
Solving for an unknown with One Variable
Cartesian Coordinates
Slope-Intercept Formula
Graphing Parallel Lines and the Equations of a Line
Finding the Slope-Intercept Formula with Different Givens
And more!

The Algebra 1 Level Up Set Includes:

Algebra 1 Instruction Pack -?The Pre-Algebra?Instruction Pack contains the Instruction Manual with lesson-by-lesson instructions and answer keys, and the DVD with lesson-by-lesson video instruction.
Algebra?1?Student Workbook -?The Pre-Algebra?Student Workbook contains lesson-by-lesson worksheets, systematic review pages, and Application & Enrichment pages.
Algebra?1?Digital Pack -?Lifetime access to Pre-Algebra?streaming instruction videos and Instruction Manual PDF, lesson solutions, Skip Count Songs MP3s and Songbook PDFs, and other online resources from any browser. You’ll also have access to the Math-U-See Digital Manipulatives, using Chrome or Safari browsers.
Algebra/Decimal Inserts – Smooth pieces which snap into 10s and 100s blocks.?Used with Zeta to present decimals. Used with Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 to illustrate polynomials.

Note: The Algebra/Decimal Inserts and Integer Block Kit are required to successfully complete Algebra 1. You can customize your Algebra 1?package by clicking here.

Is your student ready for?Algebra 1? Take the?Algebra 1?Readiness Assessment?to find out.


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