Life of Fred: Apples


Written by Dr. Stanley Schmidt with the intent to make math come alive with lots of humor, clear explanations, and silly illustrations that stick in the mind. The student will learn to think mathematically. Each text is written in the style of a novel with a humorous story line. Each section tells part of the life of Fred Gauss and how, in the course of his life, he encounters the need for the math and then learns the methods.

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Life of Fred Apples is the first book in the Elementary Math Series.
Apples is a hardcover textbook containing 128 pages. This book is not consumable. All answers are written on separate paper or in a notebook. It is designed to be read with the student.
Life of Fred Apples contains 19 lessons and is designed to take approximately one month to complete.
This book covers beginning mathematics including . . .

Numbers that Add to 7
Reading 6:00 on a Clock
5 + ? = 7
Days of the Week
Leap Years
Spelling February
15 Degrees Below Zero (?15?)
Counting by Fives
3x + 4x = 7x
ante meridiem (a.m.)
One Million
The “There Are Zero . . .” Game
the Popularity of Zero
? (not equal)
x + 4 = 7
One Thousand
Counting by Hundreds
Reading 3:05 on a Clock
and much more . . .


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