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Our Language Arts Guide will help you teach your children grammar, writing mechanics, research writing and creative expression. Students will recognize and imitate good writing through dictation exercises, explore various writing styles through fun and diverse writing assignments, solidify their natural grasp of grammar and more.

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Our Guides are designed to equip you to teach your children. You will help your children develop as writers through instruction in grammar, writing mechanics and creative expression. Children write in a wide variety of styles as they learn about similes, metaphors, hyperbole and more. Dictation exercises based upon famous quotations help children learn to recognize and imitate good writing.
Here are just a few of the helpful features you can expect from your IG.

A 36-Week, 4-Day?schedule designed to save one day a week for co-ops, music lessons, sports, field trips or other extra-curricular activities
Weekly Overviews
Student Activity Sheets
Separate parent instructions, answers & definitions
Rubrics to help you evaluate more subjective activities
Instructor’s Guide Resources and New User Information
And much more!

Includes 1 set of Activity Sheets.
The following OPTIONAL supplements are scheduled in the guide but not required.

Wordly Wise 3000 Book 3 & Teacher’s Key


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