Handwriting Without Tears 2 Package


This program is a complete review of numbers, capitals, and lowercase letters.

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This program offers extremely basic exercises in figure-ground discrimination and top-to-bottom, left-to-right sequencing. When it comes to forming letters it begins with all capitals. Why? Because, unlike the lower-case p, q, b, and d, the capital letters are all very easy to distinguish. Your children don’t mix them up!
Includes: 100 Sheets of 2-line, 3/8″-ruled paper
You can find the schedule in your Language Arts 2 Instructor’s Guide. If you haven’t purchased this item you may also find a copy of the schedule here.

What's Included

Handwriting Without Tears: Printing Power (2L172)
Lined Paper for Handwriting Without Tears Level 2 and 3 (2L174)


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