Hands-on History: World History II


Consumable. An optional hands-on activity to help reinforce and document your students? World History II studies.

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Build. Play. Learn.
Bring history to life with the hands-on projects in BookShark?s new Hands-on History Kit: World History II. Make memories with your children as you work on nine projects side by side, guiding them through the clearly outlined directions. Then watch their confidence blossom as they show off their completed projects. (And you have more evidence of learning!)
Hands-on History: World History II Supply Kit includes:

Project supplies–except for a few household items such as scissors, stapler, markers, etc.
Instruction booklet–full-color, 92-page guide includes directions– with illustrations–for each step in the process. Even non-craftsy moms can enjoy these projects!

If you are using it alongside BookShark Level C Reading with History or All-Subject Package, you will find the corresponding schedule in along with the kit.?But the kit can also be used as a standalone product for homeschoolers using a different curriculum or for afterschoolers looking to add enrichment to a traditional school situation.

This kit has nine unique projects that tie to your World History II studies. You don?t have to hunt Pinterest for ideas.
Projects included:

Astrolabe Quadrant
Viking Jewel Box
Viking Runic Carvings
Signet Ring
Stained Glass
Samurai Helmet
Globe Theatre
1903 Wright Brothers Flyer

The kit includes nearly all the supplies you will need (besides the basics you already have on hand like markers, glue, scissors, stapler, etc.). Check the supply list in your booklet before it?s craft time to ensure you have what you need. The list is crystal clear.
Consumable. One kit per student.


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