All About Spelling Level 7


Includes Teacher’s Manual and Student Packet.

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Please note, each level of All About Spelling builds upon notecards and concepts learned in the earliest levels. Students must begin at Level 1.
Level 7 in the All About Spelling series has all of the features and learning tools you?ve come to expect. In a practical, hands-on way, your student will master important spelling concepts:

Clues for knowing when to use ANCE or ENCE for the sound of /_nts/ as in significance and conference
Strategies for spelling words with Latin and Greek elements as in deductible and hydroscope
Loan words from French, Spanish, and Italian such as camouflage and scenario
and much more, including a plan for lifetime learning!

You?ll appreciate the organization, thought, and research that went into this program as you work with your student on the multisensory activities incorporated into every Step.


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