All About Spelling Level 5


Level 5 Teacher’s Manual & Student Packet

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Level 5 of All About Spelling teaches your children important spelling strategies such as:?
Please note, each level of All About Spelling builds upon notecards and concepts learned in the earliest levels. Students must begin at Level 1.

When to apply the I-Before-E Generalization
How to add two suffixes to a word
Clues for when to use tion and sion to spell the sound of /shun/
The Doubling Rule for adding vowel suffixes
Nine ways to pluralize words
and more!

This level contains the “Make It Plural” booklet which helps your students review, identify and categorize ways to make words plural, including words ending in o, f, and fe, as well as irregular plurals. Effective learning tools such as Word Banks, Writing Station and Homophone Lists are also included.
By the end of Level 5, your students will be able to write sentences such as:?

We closed the door to escape the odor of that smelly fish!
You must resign yourself to the fact that gnomes do not exist.
These gentle rains will nourish the beautiful ferns and flowers.
Wavy lines of steam rose from the burning pavement.
The children are demanding new equipment to build their robots.

The Student Packet included in this package is consumable. Additional Student Packets may be purchased.
The Basic Interactive Kit is a required resouce necessary for Levels 1-6 and only needs to be purchased once.


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