All About Spelling Level 2


Teacher’s Manual and Student Packet

The 25 steps of Level Two progress in a logical, sequential order. Through direct instruction, students learn exactly what they need to know in order to spell well.

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The All About Spelling Basic Interactive Kit (RL80) is a required resource for this program.
Please note, each level of All About Spelling builds upon notecards and concepts learned in the earliest levels. Students must begin at Level 1.
Students learn key spelling concepts such as:

The open and closed syllable types
How to divide words into syllables
How to spell multisyllable words
When y can say /?/
How Silent E can make a vowel long
The vowel-consonant-e syllable type
Two spellings for the sound of /z/
The two sounds of long u
The difference between hard and soft c and g
Ways to spell long e
That English words don’t end in i,j, u or v
The most common way to spell the sound of /er/
When to use oi/oy, aw/au, and ow/ou
and more!


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