3rd Grade Saxon Math Package


Saxon’s Math 3 program is carefully planned and packaged in a homeschool kit to make your teaching experience easier.

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Third-graders will use simulations and games to learn and practice new concepts. Social studies and science connections are stressed. Children will skip count by whole numbers; compare and order numbers; identify place value; identify ordinal position to twentieth; identify and complete patterns; solve routine and nonroutine problems; master all basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts; add and subtract multidigit numbers; multiply a multidigit number by a single-digit number; divide by single-digit divisors; add positive and negative numbers; picture, name, and order fractions; add and subtract fractions with common denominators; measure to the nearest quarter inch, millimeter, foot, and yard; identify volume of standard containers; compare and measure mass; measure perimeter and area; tell time to the minute; determine elapsed time; count money; make change for a dollar; identify angles; identify lines of symmetry; identify function rules; graph ordered pairs on a coordinate graph; tally; and create, read, and write observations from real graphs, pictographs, bar graphs, Venn diagrams, and line graphs.


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